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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

dox2U Adds User-Friendly Features To Its SaaS Based DMS Platform

dox2U Adds User-Friendly Features To Its SaaS Based DMS Platform

dox2U Adds User-Friendly Features To Its SaaS Based DMS Platform 

dox2U, a subscription-based SaaS document management system (DMS) has introduced new features to its platform to enhance the user experience. dox2U is democratizing Document Management at workplaces by creating a single source for all documented information. It is a cloud-based and ready-to-use solution, engineered using some of the best-defined practices in the industry to ensure a high level of information security. The platform, which came into existence in the year 2020 has undergone major upgrades and changes based on early customer feedback and has now introduced features such as Smart Cabinet, Text Extraction, Deep Search and Guest Sharing to further augment the user experience.

dox2U platform
(dox2U platform)

Each feature is unique and user-friendly. ‘Smart Cabinet’ helps find all the documents indexed smartly and locates the right document instantly using predefined dynamic filters. dox2U’s ‘Text Extraction’ engine uses Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to convert data locked on paper into workable digital content for the usage of the internal team. ‘Deep Search’ is a content-based search that eliminates the need for metadata tagging and retrieves documents within seconds. ‘Guest Sharing’ makes it effortless to collaborate with anyone outside the team with a feature to secure and customize their access to information.

“We have been working rigorously since last year to introduce the advanced features to the platform to make it more user friendly, secure and accessible. We have undergone many changes and upgradations while in the pilot period as we wanted to launch safe and secure features that can be used by organizations of any size”, said Sumeet Goel, Co-founder & CEO, dox2U.

Sumeet Goel, Co-founder & CEO, dox2U
(Sumeet Goel, Co-founder & CEO, dox2U)

dox2U is a user-friendly native cloud application that is hosted primarily on Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud. It works on a monthly post-paid subscription on a pay as-you-go policy, which makes document management affordable and efficient for any company. It is ideally positioned to break silos of information instead of creating another one. The platform intends to bring all the information under one unified repository, making everything available digitally anytime and anywhere.

About dox2U

dox2U is a subscription based SaaS Document Management System based on pay as you go model, the first of its kind. It’s a ready to use product that requires no CapEx and OpEx for deployment, making it much more accessible to teams everywhere regardless of their size or industry! dox2U’s target is to make document management  accessible to the SME market, an almost untapped space due to the extremely high costs associated with deploying and maintaining legacy DMSs.  Headquartered in Gurugram, dox2U is a bootstrapped start-up which intends to raise funds to improve the technological features of the platform. It also aims at creating a client base of more than 1000 SMEs across the country.

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