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The Spiritual Princess-Jayapalashri Anil

The Spiritual Princess-Jayapalashri Anil

Channelled Message for the Generic Guidance for the Month of August 2021 by "The Spiritual Princess-Jayapalashri Anil"

The monthly guidance as per the birth numbers (1-9 or totaling to this)

There is strong spiritual wisdom coming your way which could also impact the religious beliefs and confirm the kind of institution that you wish to follow. There maybe a strong vertical presence that could help you with your structured thinking and also support you. The key which could open the doors which could bring beautiful lessons is very much in your hands and all you need to do is to take the step forward. Use your razor-sharp mind be analytical as you take a step forward be warm at heart though you could have the attitude of a no-nonsense type of person. Clear your boundaries and have unbiased judgments. Learn to go with the flow at the same time bring creative opportunities and intuition into your space with curiosity which could open various possibilities. learn to give from your heart and it’s okay at times if you need to revisit your past, there are beautiful lessons for you that could bring about a perfect balance as you move forward. 

1- It is time for you to have personal closure of all the things that are kept pending. Take time to introspect and understand what other reasons that you have not been able to have the closure. Seek the required support and help for you to bring these closures into your space. Avoid taking shortcuts in life as this could bring about major downfall. The delays that you’re experiencing could be because of the kind of rigid beliefs and thoughts you have. you need to work on having self-discipline and also avoid getting into space of having boredom. In case if you’re feeling stuck now is the time to work and release yourself from the space. It is understandable that you wish to have perfection with the things that you do. Do not slip into the path of getting stuck into the dark side of wealth or looking at your financial losses or failures this is a phase and it shall pass when you learn to accept and move on.

Lucky Numbers - 3, 5, 9

Lucky Crystals - Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Hematite 

Lucky Colours - White, Blue, Grey

Affirmation :- “I now choose to release all the pain of my past experiences. I now choose to forgive all others and myself”. 

Mantra :- Om Vishnave namah. 

2 - It is understandable that due to various reasons you have the point of having an obsession with your wealth. It is much required for you to sit back and think as to what is your financial perspective and strategies. Learn to go with the flow and do not try to stop things from happening at the same time bring in creative opportunities which could help you move forward. Trust your intuition which could be your key to the opening many possibilities coming your way at the same time be curious and be open to try and explore new ventures. look at being stable and secure at the same time safe as you take your decisions on how to save money. If you need financial aid be clear and sure as you go to the right source. You need to focus on stability and security as it’s very much needed at the same time do not get stuck in the fixation of wealth. This is a very strong message coming to you from every card for this month read.

Lucky Numbers - 2, 4, 8

Lucky Crystals - Jade, Pyrite, Selenite 

Lucky Colours - Pink, Blue, Green 

Affirmation:- “Every time I am happy prosperity flows to me and through me”. 

Mantra:- Om Hring kling MahaLakshmyai Namah

3- You have reached a point where you are happy and content with what you have in life. In case you are not aware of it it is time to introspect and see your life and the journey of your life. The blissfulness that you experience is very much needed for you for all the hard work that you have cotton bringing in satisfaction. Have gratitude as things come through into your space. It is all about being in alignment and balance which could bring happiness and joy as it’s the end of difficult times. Be a go-getter hold onto your confidence and courage as you move forward as a social butterfly being determined and board with whatever decisions you take at the same time you need to focus on your relationships and work with compassion. Bring in creativity and have awareness which could help you move forward in your life. 

Lucky Numbers - 1, 5, 9

Lucky Crystals - Citrine, Moss Agate, Howlite 

Lucky Colours - Yellow, Brown and Green  

Affirmation:- “ I am a money magnet”. 

Mantra:- Om Saravana Bhava 

4- It is advisable for you to connect to the energy of the divine feminine. Bring forth love and compassion which is very much needed for you which would help you move towards having the abundance of life. Spend time in nature allow the nature to nurture you as you decide to take the steps of faith. Stay grounded stay rooted with the choices you take and a time to it’s okay if you need to bring forth your warrior spirit or stay empowered as you face the challenges of life. There is abundance coming your way be open and be ready to except it as you move forward. You have reached the point of starting a brand new page be ready to take an extra responsibility and work hard to complete the same. at the same time be mindful with the words you use as there could be a lot of conflict of disagreements as you take the choices to move forward as for you winning is important do not move into the space of emotional pain but cut chords and move ahead knowing that there is abundance. This is a phase of transition and change be ready to release your baggage. 

Lucky Numbers -1,  3, 5, 

Lucky Crystals - Green Aventurine, Amethyst, Flourite  

Lucky Colours - Purple, Red, Yellow 

Affirmation:- “Every time I am happy abundance flows to me. 

Mantra:- Om Shree Lakshmi Narayana Namaha

5- You have reached a point where you will be starting a brand new cycle of life. That could be a painful ending but nevertheless the beginning is something to be looking forward to. Bring a death to the way of thinking as these old beliefs could be hampering your new journey. Let go of old wound and pain as these are of no purpose to you. The betrayal and loss that you have felt is something to be working on and releasing as you move forward with hope towards the opportunities that is coming your way. Focus on having an open communication at the same time bringing harmony and alignment into your space and your relationships. Value each and every relationship that comes your way and have a balance in your thought process. you may reach a point where you may be embarking on our emotional journey as you move on. Do not go into a space where you would withdraw and feel upset or disappointed it is time to be looking at working on these things as you move forward value each and everything in your life. 

Lucky Numbers - 6, 7, 8

Lucky Crystals - Obsidian, Shungite, Malachite 

Lucky Colours -  White, Blue, Lavender 

Affirmation:- “ I am happy and peaceful in my life”. 

Mantra:- Om namah Shivaya 

6-  An interesting read clearly showing that there is a strong male presence in your life. It could also mean that if you don’t have one you may get one soon or you are a strong presence in someone’s life it’s irrelevant whether of what sex you are. You need to look at bringing in the required compassion into your space at the same time set your boundaries and make them clear. You could be authoritative and establish a point of being a father figure type to people. Avoid moving into the space of having rigid thinking but at the same time you could be demanding as you get things to be done for you. Be strong willed as you move forward with a lot of passion with your work. The kind of power that you hold speaks in silence and there is enough truth within you. You need to understand this and do not miss use your power or the power of someone else or try to manipulate people be truthful and honest with the choices you take as this would help you move to various kind of challenges which is coming your way. By being manipulative you could slip into the space of being moody or get confused with the inner feelings. It is understandable that if you want to have self-compassion but at the same time to have compassion for others.

Lucky Numbers - 4, 6, 8

Lucky Crystals - Rose Quartz, Yellow Aventurine, Moonstone 

Lucky Colours - Peach, Turquoise, Amethyst 

Affirmation:- “I am a divine being of love and compassion”. 

Mantra:- Om Mani Padme Hum

7- The card comes with a nudge asking you not to get caught in the illusions of life is miss guiding you and putting you on the path of the wrong. The fear and anxiety that you  hold is creating blocks. It is time to work on these and release them trusting your intuition. You need to be mindful and careful and not embark on an emotional journey as this could create chaos in your space. It is totally understandable that you wish to reach a point where you feel that you deserve to be pampered and treated well. You could treat yourself well by taking care of yourself and having a feel-good factor as you enjoy the abundance of life. The luxuries that you have been dreaming of his coming your way where you would feel self-sufficient and financially independent all you need to do is trust the process and have the effort and patience so that you could put in hard work and be an apprentice mastering the skills and having a perfect development in the skills. 

Lucky Numbers - 1, 5, 9

Lucky Crystals - Blue Kynite, Tiger Eye, Aquamarine 

Lucky Colours - Red, Blue, Yellow  

Affirmation:- “I love myself and accept myself as I am”. 

Mantra:- Om Durgeyai Namaha 

8-  Work on being caring and compassionate and also stay emotionally balanced as you move forward this month. At times it is good to be diplomatic when you go through the turbulence of challenges in your life. The aspect of being caring and loving would bring many people to you for guidance and support to help you through your difficulties in life. Through this process you could look at becoming courageous which could help you move forward with strength and confidence bringing success and public recognition onto you. The progress which is coming your way will give you great achievements and strength and bring a triumph into your space. You need to look at being more cautious of your thoughts and bring a new ideas and have the curiosity of life and thirst for knowledge as you move forward finding new ways to communicate your thoughts. 

Lucky Numbers - 3, 6, 8

Lucky Crystals - Lapis Lazuli, Blue Tiger Eye, Smoky Quartz

Lucky Colours - Orange, Blue, Yellow  

Affirmation:- “I am successful with all the opportunities that’s coming my way. 

Mantra:- Om Gum Ganapthiye Namaha 

9-  Hold onto the ambition which you have at this very moment stay on the path with your thinking. Do not get distracted with all the illusions that’s coming your way but at the same time pay attention to every small detail. Be driven towards success and bringing an action packed strategy which would help you move forward. Do not be stuck but have ideas of strategies to avoid getting stuck due to the kind of thoughts that you have, work on release your anxiety and fear do not hold onto it as these could lead you to deep depression. That could be the point of having the baggage of betrayal but at the same time avoid getting caught in the past but look at moving forward with hope and calmness. There is no use crying over spilt milk. The best memories bring beautiful lessons to you accept them learn from your mistakes. By getting disappointed you would just stay in the past but let go of this feeling and the feeling of failure as you move forward in your life. 

Lucky Numbers - 1, 4, 8

Lucky Crystals - Garnet, Bloodstone, onyx 

Lucky Colours - Red, Green, White   

Affirmation:- “I am ready to let go of the past which serves me no good”. 

Mantra:- Om Raamaaya namaha  

Note :- This is a generic read to get things more accurately it’s good to have a personal read. Incase of relationship issues, financial issues it good to also do certain rituals and affirmations. It’s good to consult a specialist before starting) 

Channelled by -The Spiritual Princess-Jayapalashri Anil 

Founder Samskara healing and Advisor/Head Karnataka-We Welfare Society 

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